Project Title: UAV Survey for Zoological Park Design and Master-planning
Client’s Name: Hydrocon Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
Project Status: Completed
Category: Topographical survey, planning
Major Outputs: Topographical maps, Contour map

Proposed over the area of 455 Hectares, Bhanubhakta Zoological Garden is a huge zoological garden to be constructed at areas encompassed by two municipalities in the Gandaki province of Nepal : Byas and Tanahun. Highest quality and updated basemap data is a must in this project as all the works from master-planning through construction require high efficiency in designs, estimations as well as execution. Right from the preliminary measurements to the cadastral data required during land acquisition, detailed survey of the site is crucial. From the UAV survey, high resolution maps were produced, along with contour maps and DSM, which were used for analysis, metrics and preparation of master-plan.

Following outputs were produced as deliverables for the project:

  1. Topographical maps
  2. Contour map
  3. DSM
  4. High resolution photos and videos

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