Project Title: Topographical Surveying of Kalinchowk Hydropower Station
Client Name: Kalinchwok Hydropower Project
Project Status: Completed
Category: Hydropower Survey

Kalinchowk Hydropower Station is a small hydropower station with 2600 KW capacity located at Kalinchowk Gaupalika, Ward No 1., Dolakha. The hydropower generation is based on Budhekhani and Bhumithaan rivers and this station is aimed to be completed in 2020. The station site is covered by a thick vegetation which makes traditional surveying using ground based techniques difficult in the landscape.
Our team established GCPs across several locations, prioritizing open spaces in between the vegetation as key location for establishing the ground control. A drone based aerial survey was carried out to generate better 2D and 3D datasets of the site. The resulting Digital Terrain Model (DTM) was however less accurate because of poor topographical data quality in areas with thick vegetation. However, the orthophoto map was shared with the client and it proved to be useful for 2D measurement throughout the site and planning purpose.

Establish a network of Ground Control Points across the project site.
Aerial survey to capture 5cm resolution images.
Digital Surface Model (DSM), Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and orthophoto maps.

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