Project Title: Landslide Mapping of Four Sites in Nuwakot
Client’s Name: Geocom
Project Status: Completed
Category: Landslide mapping
Major Outputs: Topographical map, Contour map, 3D, Volume calculation

Nepal, being one of the most disaster prone countries in the world, has a high occurrence rate of landslides over hundreds of places. From the loss of lives and properties to the blockage of the primary highways of the country, landslides create havocs every year, and are viewed with great significance in Nepal. Lots of budgets and grants have been pouring into the studies of landslides and their preventions, and yet we lack data driven approaches towards their analysis.

DroNepal conducted UAV survey of landslides in Nuwakot, in order to provide high resolution data in near real-time. It enabled experts to have more realistic approach towards the analysis and also provided powerful means of visualization, metrics and analysis.

The major outputs from the project were:

  1. Topographical map
  2. Contour map
  3. 3D – Digital Surface Model

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